From Eric Goldsmith, Owner/President eScrapinc

“Hello, I am Eric Goldsmith, son of Phill Goldsmith, who is son of Abe Goldsmith. Abe’s older brother, Samuel Meyer Goldsmith, started our family recycling metals, and Shop Rag services. In 1938 they manufactured their first Swing Sets, made from scrap steel.

Abe ended up running the business until he was in his 70’s and many family members, friends and community members have either worked for us, bought from us or sold to us over the 99+ years we have served Indiana and other states.

We have manufactured over 100,000 items in the more than 60 years in the Pipe and Playground business. Basketball Goals, Jungle Gyms, bike racks, park benches, clothes line posts, flag poles, docks, teeter -totters, fireworks canisters, special jobs for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and much, much more.

We estimated over 5,000,000 pounds of steel and other materials have been recycled by our family over the 99 + years we and our employees have been recycling.

In 1989 The Goldsmith Pipe and Playground was awarded the First Governors Award for Excellence in Recycling.

Over the years, the Goldsmith family sold many types of surplus materials, from Threaded rod, just ask Dr. John Abrahams, adding machines, pipe fittings, mopar paints, hardware of all types, buttons for clothing, lighting, medical equipment, lab equipment, test equipment, industrial electronics, electrical fittings, and much more.

Over 40 years ago my father, Phill, found himself in the electronic reuse and recycling business.

We have helped guide the Indiana Recycling Coalition and other stakeholders in an education campaign teaching about the Hazardous materials in Electronics. We helped to write the eWaste Legislation signed into law by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

In 2007, I, Eric bought the business from my father, Phill. Life is good and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to serve thousands of customers over my career here at one of the Goldsmith family businesses.

I am also blessed to have worked with my own father, grandfather, brother, cousins and so many friends and other employees.

2012 will be a year to celebrate the 100 years my family has been recycling in our fair community. We hope to have a few exciting announcements about our future and hopefully one or more parties as we are in the processes of looking for a new start in a new building.

Our plans to move mean, we are in super sales mode…all materials are available for sale and much is make an offer. Till we move it, we want to make our old and any new customers deals they will remember us for.

We have survived 100 years due to you and your referrals and we say thank you.”


Eric Goldsmith has been a leader in electronics recycling and played a key role in the Indiana Recycling Coalition’s (IRC) e-Scrap Program by participating in the development of many of the best practices for the industry and was instrumental in a statewide education campaign on proper electronics management, In 2006, NUVO named Eric Goldsmith an “Environmental Hero” for his work.