Corporate Clients

Corporate Disposal

We understand the pressure on your IT staff. Conversions to new technology require the full attention of your staff, leaving retired equipment such as computers, printers and monitors to pile up in back rooms. Quicker technology cycles mean that disposal will become more a problem in the future. We solve your disposal problem by handling all the logistics associated with equipment disposal.

eScrapinc will pick up used electronic equipment, stack it properly to avoid in transit damage, load it onto our trucks, and take it to our warehouse for sorting, demanufacturing, and recycling.

We know that data that may be left on hard drives is a significant concern. We offer four levels of data protection for hard drives.

  • Department of Defense compliant reformatting
  • Erasing the drive with a high intensity magnetic field
  • Disabling the drive by drilling the platters
  • Shredding the drive

When you work with eScrapinc, you can be assured that your electronic equipment will not be illegally dumped and traced back to you. We feel so strongly about proper disposal that we insure our customers against the improper disposal methods used by some of our competitors.

Corporate Buyers

Do you have a proven but aging technical infrastructure? Do you need to keep everything running while you wait for the budget to upgrade? eScrapinc can help. We stock the technologies that were common yesterday but can no longer be purchased new. Whether you need dot matrix printers, token ring network components, or a power supply, we can help you manage risk and stretch your IT budget.

Give us a call and let us know your needs in advance. We process over 75 tons of electronic equipment a month. We can get you the specific replacement components that will reduce the risk and associated costs of downtime. We offer you peace of mind that if aging equipment does break, you can have your systems up and running quickly and painlessly.

We normally stock:

  • Laser and Dot Matrix Printers
  • POS Printers
  • Terminals
  • Rack Cabinets
  • Monitors