What We Do

At eScrapinc we specialize in the logistics of removing, recycling, and reselling used computer and electronic equipment.

You may need our services if you:

  • Have a large quantity of computer or other electronic equipment requiring disposal
  • Need specific computer or other electronic items that are no longer produced

Computer equipment contains large quantities of lead, mercury, and cadmium. This equipment, if not recycled properly, will leach toxic metals into the earth, potentially fouling groundwater, wells, and streams.

As a result of these issues, it is now a federal crime for an organization to send more than 220 pounds of electronic equipment to a landfill. When a large volume of equipment is found in a landfill, the EPA has recently started tracking serial numbers back to the original owners.

eScrapinc gives you the option of recycling your used computers, printers, monitors and other electronic equipment quickly, painlessly, and legally. With one phone call we can handle the logistics of picking up your equipment, processing it, and recycling it in the most appropriate and environmentally sound manner.


What Happens To My Equipment

The challenge of recycling electronic equipment is that while used equipment may contain good parts and recyclable materials, the process of separating those materials is labor intensive. In the cases where the used value of the equipment does not cover the labor associated with recycling it, we charge for our services. This charge is generally far more cost effective than storing the equipment, paying your staff to legally dispose of the equipment, or the fines associated with illegally dumping the equipment.

When your equipment arrives at our location, it is sorted and goes through several steps:

  • Any data destruction services you have requested are performed
  • Equipment for which there is a strong resale market is tested and stocked. This is our preferred scenario as it allows the equipment to remain in use and completely removes it from the recycling stream.
  • Non-Functional equipment is either demanufactured by us, or sent to equipment specific vendors for demanufacturing. Working parts are used to repair similar equipment and broken parts move on to the next step in the recycling process.
  • Equipment that is broken or for which there is no market is completely stripped and individual recyclable materials such as plastic and steel are sent to material specific recyclers.
  • Circuit boards are sent to companies that recover the individual chips from the board, properly dispose of the solder, and send the printed circuit itself on for recycling.